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Fundrella offers you a unique opportunity to get all the information you need to enter the Nordic Fund Market, collected in one report packed with real data.

The Nordic countries are often regarded as leaders when it comes to sustainability and are at the forefront of balancing financial return and sustainability. In recent years, that so-called “Nordic model” has even turned the region’s financial sector into an international powerhouse for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

At Fundrella we believe in transparency enabled by technology. Therefore, we offer a complete Market Entry report with relevant and up-to-date data to create equal opportunity for all Asset Managers, and as a result also contribute to improve their ESG work.


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We will help you understand:

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How are cross-border vs Nordic peers positioned in terms of 50+ ESG parameters (ranging from ESG processes, approaches, resources, labels & signatories to exclusions)?


We present ESG policies and preferences of the leading Nordic professional investors in detailed graphs, covering both processes and exclusions.


We look closer into funds that have been hand-picked by Nordic fund selectors into guided offerings or unit linked platforms. How do these funds look in terms of ESG?


Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest ESG market trends in the Nordic region.

Save time and resources with Fundrella's Nordic Market Entry report.